Diagnosis and correction of a wide range of hardware and software problems, including those due to file corruption, improper Windows and application settings, malware infestations, temp file buildup, incomplete or erroneous application installations, and hardware failure.

Malware Cleanup

Detection and removal of viruses, worms, trojan horses, adware, spyware and excessive pop-up windows.

Repairs and Installations

Installation and replacement of software, drives, modems and networking components, and resolution of printer problems.

System Tuning

Identification and correction of Windows registry problems, disk fragmentation, buildup of temporary files, and other conditions that degrade system performance.

Buying Recommendations

Identification of clients' needs and preferences, and formulation of recommendations of brands, sources, features and timing of hardware and software purchases to meet those needs and preferences.

Training and Assistance

Individual training on Windows, applications and common computer tasks, including patient assistance and "hand-holding" for new users.

Custom Programming

Needs analysis, design, programming, installation and support of custom database applications, using Microsoft® products (Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server).


$50/hour for work on computers carried in by client. $80/hour for work at customer's home or office. Minimum charge is one half hour. No charge for travel within Philadelphia and immediate suburbs. Daily and flat rates are available for programming and certain other projects - please inquire for specifics.
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